Your Annual Report – Tell a Story with Purpose

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The usual Company Annual Report is a word – filled extravaganza of Jargon, Terms, Figures and Text. If Beautiful Annual Report Designs were the norm, maybe more people would actually read them. We are used to seeing page after page of Annual Reports printed in Black and White on unassuming pages and even more unassuming papers. Totally Predictible. Absolutely Boring. Come On People! There are lots of ways to turn a super mundane annual report into a piece that you will be proud of and even prouder when people actually want to flip through it...

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New Quick Quote on JPA Website

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Over the past few weeks, JPA has been making major improvement to our website. Giving it a face lift, so to speak, for the new web 2.0 world that we live in. Part of the thinking behind the new web presence was to offer more self-services to our customers and potential clients. This week we have started the first of several phases to accomplish this goal by debuting the “Quick Quote”. As would be expected with any lymphocyte-depleting agent, infections were more common with alemtuzumab 12 mg than with SC IFNB-1a in clinical trials (CAMMS223:...

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