Envelopes and Office Stationery

Envelopes and Office Stationery

Envelopes can be used for mailing, storage, protection, and more. A busy office needs many different kinds of envelopes, and we can provide you with the exact style you need.

Any office is going to need a good supply of traditional envelopes to mail out typical letters among many other things including shipping labels amazon and many others. If you expect to need to mail thank you cards or holiday greetings, having an array of smaller, more elegant envelopes can also be useful. Larger envelopes, such as 9” by 12” varieties and padded envelopes can be used for mailing more important documents or delicate items. They are also useful for keeping important documents together in storage, since they don’t run the risk of spilling like folders and even some binders do.

We offers envelopes in every size and gives the added benefit of multiple coloured envelopes so you can easily sort documents using a colour coding system. This allows for easily retrieval and increased efficiency in a busy office environment. Whether you need to mail out simple correspondence, sensitive documents, or keep important items securely on file, a good variety of envelopes is the key to a smooth-running office.

For more information on our envelopes please contact us at any time to speak to a member of our team.

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