New Quick Quote on JPA Website

Over the past few weeks, JPA has been making major improvement to our website. Giving it a face lift, so to speak, for the new web 2.0 world that we live in. Part of the thinking behind the new web presence was to offer more self-services to our customers and potential clients. This week we have started the first of several phases to accomplish this goal by debuting the “Quick Quote”.

JPA’s Quick Quote is a simple form that can be accessed at the bottom of our new website. Once opened a prospective client can enter information about their project and we can deliver a quote within 24 hours. The Quick Quote system is the first step of many to improve our accessibility through our internet presence. You can get your quote Here. Or visit the website. In case you’re working on a website as well, and you want to know how to enable the sending and receiving payments internationally, then it’s best to read and compare payoneer review alternatives.

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