Your Annual Report – Tell a Story with Purpose

The usual Company Annual Report is a word – filled extravaganza of Jargon,
Terms, Figures and Text

If Beautiful Annual Report Designs were the norm, maybe more people would
actually read them. We are used to seeing page after page of Annual Reports printed
in Black and White on unassuming pages and even more unassuming papers.
Totally Predictible. Absolutely Boring.

Come On People!

There are lots of ways to turn a super mundane annual report into a piece that you
will be proud of and even prouder when people actually want to flip through it and read.
And you can do this with the right dose of Creativity.

A Strong Design will insure that your Company communicates it’s goals and strategies
effectively with the readers.

A successful annual report will be the combination of Bold Colors, Creative Typography,
Superior Photography, Good Copy and Exquisite Printing.

Like a good book, pull the reader into your annual report with Interesting Photography
along with short, crisp, well written captions or cut lines so the reader will want to read
the complete annual report.

Lastly, your choice of Paper and Size will help decide the interest of the annual report.
Work with the Designer and printer to determine a size and the shape –
A Square or a Circular Piece will get attention as well as an oblong or a Wire – O Bound Piece.

Be Creative with a combination of Off Set and Coated Papers , Embossing, Die Cutting
and Varnish and UV Coatings.

Jersey Printing can Design and Print a killer annual report that will showcase your
Company and Products and keep your readers engaged!

Did you know that the earliest modern corporate annual report was published in 1903
by US Steel and certified by Price, WaterHouse and Company.

Food for Thought …..
“ Our greatest Weakness Lies in Giving Up. The Most Certain Way to Succeed is Always
to Try Just One More Time “ Thomas A. Edison